Maxim Shalygin

composer | conductor | visual artist

Macrocycle for a lifetime, entitled  S I M I L A R -  is a cycle in which each new chapter is written for a certain number of identical instruments. This cycle takes a special place in my creativity. Each chapter is strictly limited in terms of instrumentation, but for the rest, I have unlimited possibilities. I try to completely follow the stream of musical material so that it takes me even further than imagination allows me. The homogeneous composition of the instruments makes my imagination work at its maximum. It is necessary to create completely different sound images using the same instruments.

Each chapter is written for top-class musicians who can reproduce sometimes the most complex and sophisticated colors of the score. Each new chapter expands the boundaries of the possibilities, and I open up new ways of communication with the musical material. The duration of each chapter is at least an hour. This allows the listener to gradually get used to and to better understand the language of the new sound.

Chapter I
Lacrimosa or 13 Magical Songs
for 7 violins

Chapter II
Todos los fuegos el fuego
for 8 saxophones

Chapter III
for 9 cellos and 25 newly designed

Chapter IV
for 4 grand pianos

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII
for 6 percussion players