Maxim Shalygin

composer | conductor | visual artist

Title: Insane Dances
Instrumentation: for saxophone quartet

Year: 2016
Duration: 15'
First performer: Keuris Quartet
Premiere: Singapore Saxophone Symposium 2016

Commissioner: Gaudeamus  with financial support of Fonds Podiumkunsten.

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Program notes

In this composition I tried to go beyond the sound of the saxophone quartet in its usual sense.
The first part is based on the principle of the Morse code that gradually intertwined with the beatbox techniques.
The second part is devoted to the multiphonic technique. I embodied my old dream - to write a work entirely composed of multiphonics. They form a polytonal harmonic layering and create a harmonious complex texture.
The third part is devoted to the free jazz improvisation. It begins with a quite complex lupus figures, which gradually become more complicated and out of control …


I. Morse Dance
II. Moon Dance
III. Drunk Dance