Maxim Shalygin

composer | conductor | visual artist

Title: "Holy Drill" 
Instrumentation: electro-acoustic piece (tape)
Year: 2018
Duration: 12'44"

Commissioner: Lonneke van Leth production

Programe note:

The music of "Holy Drill" was commissioned by the dance company to be presented at an opening ceremony of a tunnel in Rotterdam. One month before the performance, it turned out that the investors did not like the idea of the dance performance because it contradicted their religious beliefs. The performance never took place. The situation around it determined the title of the composition.
The core material of the musical texture is the drill's sound. After some time, I came up with an idea to connect the mechanical sound of a drill and a mill to make a sort of a futuristic film, where the image and musical texture are intertwined.
A mill is the main symbol of the Netherlands. The perpetual rotation of a mill symbolizes immortality. Rising and falling wings of a windmill, according to medieval interpretations, refers to the descent of God to a man and the rise of a man to God, it symbolizes fall and rebirth, cyclical change of times, and world epochs.
The film was shot with Samsung Galaxy S7 at Kinderdijk (UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997) village in the municipality of Molenlanden, in the province of South Holland, Netherlands.