Maxim Shalygin

composer | conductor | filmmaker

Title: Drop after drop
Instrumentation: for string quartet  
Year: 2022
Duration: 7’
First performer: 
Premiere: 2022

Commissioner: Festivals for Compassion, an initiative by Wonderfeel Festival

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Maxim Shalygin: "Since the first day of the war in Ukraine, a terrible pain has settled inside me. Every time I close my eyes, I want to wake up from this terrible dream...but alas, it is not a dream. 'Drop after drop' is a kind of an ingot of that pain and memories of my childhood, when my relatives were telling me about the war years and sung wartime songs. I hear those songs inside me again and I wish they would stop..." 

Drop after drop by the Ukrainian-Dutch composer Maxim Shalygin is commissioned by and specially composed for Festivals for Compassion, an initiative by Wonderfeel Festival.

Festivals throughout Europe and beyond stand united in their condemnation of war and call for peace. By sharing Shalygin’s new string quartet festivals want to express their support and solidarity with their Ukrainian colleagues, artists, and all those who are suffering in this senseless war. Drop after drop will travel from festival to festival, and will be shared online as an ode to compassion and an act of solidarity in these dark times.

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