Maxim Shalygin

composer | conductor | visual artist

Title: Capriccios of the World [1st book]
Instrumentation: clarinet and electronics
Year: 2020 -  2023
Duration: --'
First performer: Michel Marang

Commissioner: Michel Marang, with the financial support of Fonds Podiumkunsten and New Music Now NL.

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Дизайн без названия - 2
Program note
The musical cycle "Capriccios of the world" is a cycle for clarinet and electronics. It is a part of the Shifting Images launched by Michel Marang many years ago. A program in which new music is performed with  Marang's photographic sequences. 
"Capriccios of the world" consists of 2 books and 9 parts, each of which is associated with the musical traditions of a particular country and makes a kind of round-the-world trip. 
The choice fell to nine countries: Sudan, England, Georgia, Ukraine, Japan, Spain, China, India, and Purgatory. Each part combines a lot of instrumental samples, voices, and other elements of folklore, which are distorted in a bizarre manner, creating a peculiar version of modern folklore. The musical material comes from traditional features but is not an imitation. The composer transforms semantic images into a new plane, creating unusual combinations of tones, rhythms, and melodies.